When it comes to results, the question is this: do you know which direction you are going?
Marko Kaistinen
I will join you on the path to true leadership, acting as your support and inspiration.
Marko Kaistinen
I believe in learning together, not premade training material.
Marko Kaistinen
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A real partner on your journey toward growth

“Marko has been available to me even in my weak moments, and I’ve always received valuable support. I feel that a friendship has formed between us, which makes it easier for me to share even when it is difficult.”

– Joona Pulliainen

CEO, ProMedical Oy

When you dare to say ”no”

“When you learn to cut through the noise and focus on what’s essential, you’ll find the answers to essential questions. With the help of coaching, I’ve also gained the courage to say no to less important things.”

Panu Lauha

Country Director Nordic Countries at Medtronic

Trust at the center

“In our cooperation, trust has been at the center. I believe there is a solution and a way to develop things, be it training, coaching or something else. The implementation has also been of high quality.”

Tiina Lipsanen

Director of Human Resources, UPM Timber

Shining bright together


Insight, enthusiasm, motivation, results

Hello! My name is Marko Kaistinen, and I specialize in coaching high-level leaders and management teams who are determined to reach their maximum potential.

My client base consists of senior management professionals and management teams. Through customized programs, we work together so everyone can achieve the results and the growth they want. My job is to challenge my clients by helping them identify and harness the hidden treasures that can revolutionize their performance – treasures already contained in their business and in themselves.

Interaction and dialogue are the most important tools I have in coaching my clients to achieve the transformation they are looking for. Cooperation energizes the management team and raises its performance to an outstanding level. Organizations and individuals flourish when the entire team reaches its full potential and no one is left outside looking in.

Insight fuels enthusiasm, enthusiasm sparks motivation, and motivation drives results.

When success is rewarded, it generates more insights, more enthusiasm and more motivation – and then there are no limits to the results you can achieve!

Contact Marko Kaistinen for the insights that lead to long-term growth.

I will help you maximize your potential

”The majority of trainings and coachings are not able to produce what they could produce at their best.”

I do not offer ready-made solution packages. My starting point is always the current state of the individual group.

The Integral Coaching® Certification Program (ICCP)

The Integral Coaching® Certification Program (ICCP)

The Integral Master Coach certificate is the most demanding recognition of a coach’s competence. The certificate requires two years of participation in an intensive program, where one’s own coaching skills and personal growth are honed to their peak. The Integral Coaching program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, or ICF.

In addition to this my, certification as an Integral Master Coach, I have studied work organization psychology (University of Eastern Finland) and I have a master’s degree in economics (LUT University).

There are only two certificated Integral Master Coaches in Finland in addition to myself.