From bosses to leaders
I will help you maximize your potential
Grow into a top leader
Grow into the leader you were always meant to be
From good to better
I want to help my clients maximize their potential
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Refocusing the management team

Insight and enthusiasm lead to lasting motivation and results

From a management team to a successful leading team

Unsuccessful management teams operate inefficiently, never realizing their growth potential.

A management team that has lost its direction and its faith curls up in a shell and sub-optimizes what it does, shifting the blame to external factors.

Successful leadership groups have an atmosphere where everyone encourages each other, an organizational culture that produces strong results. Success starts with a group of leaders.

Invest in building a leadership culture without harsh judgment and criticism. The key to your success is in your hand. All you have to do is open the lock.

I help managers and management teams to achieve the best possible results through customized training and coaching. In today’s hectic and busy world, we all need some direction, the right state of mind, and the ability to truly listen and relate with others in order to reach our peak performance. Activating and refocusing your management team is a key factor in creating better results.

My ”from managers to leaders” service is aimed at management teams just like yours.

Grow into a top leader

This service is for building personal growth and clarifying your direction, which will help you as a leader in both good times and bad.

Together we’ll create a concrete long-term plan. Your internal compass will be the lighthouse that helps you navigate through the fog with ease. The top leader’s coaching program gives you the best possible and mental support.

By your side on this journey walks an internationally experienced Integral Master Coach, one of the best in Finland. You will also have the support of expert physical trainers where applicable.

The top leader program is meant to support the growth of the company’s key personnel. The most important element you need to take with you on this trip is personal motivation. Without it, we won’t generate anything more than good conversation.

The top leader program can accommodate 8 people per year

Support for the key personnel

First we focus on what you want to develop

The leader's role as an enabler of growth

Together we can create an environment that encourages growth and leads to results.

From good to great

The “from good to great” training is designed to strengthen the ability of both operational supervisors and motivated salespeople to produce results and improve their leadership skills.

This coaching journey is a personal growth path which we will travel together, the goal of which is to better understand your company’s strategic state of mind, and the leader’s role as an enabler of change and growth.

A winning culture is born from a joint dialogue combining experience with new thinking. This dialogue will lead directly to concrete actions, in a process that generates direction, commitment and results.

With the help of this program, major operational changes have been achieved, and profit-making capacity has been increased by more than a million euros.

The “from good to great” training is meant for operational level supervisors and motivated salespeople.

This is not one of those ”one size fits all” trainings that quickly covers all the information, just for the participants to forget most of the content in the next three weeks. Know-it-alls and seasoned industry professionals should not bother with this training, because neither of us can change each other.

The attitude of being unwilling to change has been scientifically found to slow down personal growth and performance.

I want to help my clients maximize their potential

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll only get what you already have”

When you dare to change, that’s when growth begins.